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Abacus Market went live on September 28 2021. Longevity Abacus darknet (by darknet standards) serves to demonstrate that we are the real deal. No hacks, no scams, no BS. Abacus onion aim to provide a great experience for buyers and vendors alike. We have vendors and customers from all over the world, and Abacus shop undisputed largest darknet market for users in Australia, a feat we are very proud of. Goal Abacus market is to become number 1 everywhere else too, and become the first darknet market abacus to trade for at least 10 years, beating the current 6 year record held by Dream Market. Team Abacus darknet hope you will join us on our journey.

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Since the launch of Abacus market, we have improved our captcha, fixed all the detected errors that so alarmed Abacus customers, improved the forum, updated the network infrastructure and even rebranded. As Abacus darknet grows, the functionality of our search is constantly being improved, and the interface has reached the professional level that our users have come to expect. See how the Abacus darknet market has changed, and then come and shop with us! You can even chat and share your experiences on the Abacus forum.

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Abacus Marketplace account

Abacus Marketplace account

As soon as you log into the Abacus market system, you will be able to choose your preferred local currency (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, etc.) and choose the style of our market: day or night, dark or bright!
All of products on Abacus shop can be purchased using either Bitcoin or Monero. Simply search for what you're looking for, then deposit the necessary amount of cryptocurrency, before proceeding to the checkout.

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Setting up the Abacus Darknet profile

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Write down your mnemonics, as you may need it in further interactions with the Abacus Darknet. In fact, you will definitely need it if you forget any of your data. Ready? OK, now go ahead and log in.

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